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The KNAGGS surname

The Dictionary of Surnames gives Knaggs as a North English topographic name for someone who lived by a knagg (a stunted dead branch or a jagged crag).

The Dictionary of English Surnames lists . . .

I am not (at present) claiming descent from any of these people.

It gives Knag as Old Swedish, and Knagges as Old Danish.
In Sweden, there are 19 people named Knagg listed in the phone book.
In Norway, there are 78 people called Knagg, but in Denmark there are no instances of any variant.

Today, in England, the surname Knaggs is most common in Yorkshire, in a broad swathe from Scarborough, through Whitby to Guisborough. The surname Knagg occurs most often in Lancashire and Cumbria (I'm not sure if it is really a different name). I have so far traced my branch back to Lythe near Whitby in the North Riding of Yorkshire (where a 1638 baptism is my earliest date).

To show how relatively rare the surname is, here are some figures (from the Office of National Statistics) showing the number of people with a given surname in England and Wales in September 2002.


My Pedigree

John KNAGGS Amelia WILKINS William ALDERMAN Eliza HAM William HENDY Isabella WITHER Lawrence SHEPSTONE Eliza BURGE unknown Mary REES John COGGINS Elizabeth CAVILL Thomas RUNDLE Dorothy ALGAR Joseph PAIN Margaret FUNNER
  Henry Stephen KNAGGS  Louisa ALDERMAN  William HENDY  Eliza SHEPSTONE  George REES  Elizabeth COGGINS  Thomas RUNDLE  Emily PAIN  
  Albert Edward KNAGGS  Sarah Annie HENDY  George REECE  Marguerite Joanna RUNDLE  
  Albert William KNAGGS  Rose Emily Elizabeth REECE  
  Jeffery Albert KNAGGS  



Knaggs Time Line

1086Domesday Book - No Knaggs or any variation
1215Magna Carta signed by King John
1298William le Knagg' is a preaching friar in Scarborough
1306Robert the Bruce crowned King of Scotland
1484A Robert Knagges is apprenticed as a shoemaker in York
1620Mayflower sails from Plymouth
1638Birth of William Knaggs, Lythe, North Yorkshire - my earliest known Knaggs ancestor
1642English Civil War begins
1658William Knaggs marries Marie Winterscale, Lythe
1666Great Fire of London
1667Birth of Robert Knaggs, Lythe
1689Bill of Rights
1692Robert Knaggs marries Margery Clarke
1694Bank of England founded
1694Birth of William Knaggs, Lythe
1707Union of England and Scotland
1717William Knaggs marries Mary Carlile
1728Birth of Robert Knaggs, Lythe
1746Battle of Culloden
1753Robert Knaggs marries Mary Ridley, Lythe
1761Bridgewater Canal (first in England) opened
1776Birth of Robert Knaggs
1777Cavendish, Priestly and Lavoisier begin "modern" chemistry
1783United States Independence
????Robert Knaggs marries Jane ?
1805Battle of Trafalgar
1810Birth of John Ridley Knaggs, Yaxley
1815Battle of Waterloo
1833Birth of Henry Steven Knaggs, Bristol
1840Penny Black - the first adhesive postage stamp
1844John Ridley Knaggs marries Amelia Wilkins
1846Repeal of the Corn Laws
1866Henry Steven Knaggs marries Louisa Alderman
1869Suez Canel opened
1882Birth of Albert Edward Knaggs, Bristol
1887Hertz discovers radio waves
1905Albert Edward Knaggs marries Sarah Annie Hendy
1905Einstein's theory of special relativity
1908Birth of Albert William Knaggs, Bristol
1914Start of First World War
1935Albert William Knaggs marries Rose Emily Elizabeth Reece
1939Start of Second World War
1943Birth of Jeffery Albert Knaggs, Bristol
1949Fred Hoyle describes the "Big Bang"
1968Jeffery Albert Knaggs marries Maureen Ann Crampton, Stevenage
1969Neil Armstrong walks on the Moon
1998Jeff Knaggs retires and investigates his family history
2000The old Millennium draws to a close and nothing remarkable happens