Jeff Knaggs - Genealogy - Surname Distribution Maps

The Surname Atlas CD-Rom generates maps of the distribution of surnames (and forenames) in the 1881 British census. Here are a selection of maps for some of the surnames in my own family tree.

Map-Knaggs This shows the KNAGGS surname at County level.
The majority, by far, are in the North and East ridings of Yorkshire - with County Durham coming third.
My own family, in Bristol, barely register.
Map-Knaggs This shows the KNAGGS surname at Poor-Law Union level - just for for Yorkshire and County Durham.
The great majority of people with the KNAGGS surname live within 20 miles of the sea.
By 1901, there had been a significant migration to the Hull and Middlesbrough areas.
Map-Knagg This shows the KNAGG surname at County level.
The version of the surname without the "S" is far more common West of the Pennines.
Map-Rees Although my mother's maiden name was REECE (English spelling), her grandfather was originally a REES (Welsh spelling). REECE is more common in the English / Welsh borders and in Lancashire. REES is most definitely from South Wales.
Map-Hendy My paternal grandmother was a HENDY. Although they are widely dispersed throughout southern England, the majority (including my own ancestors) come from Gloucestershire.
Map-Rundle My maternal grandmother was a RUNDLE. Although some have escaped around the country, the great majority of Rundles are found in Cornwall and parts of South Devon. My own Rundle ancestors come from the South Hams area of Devon.
Map-Alderman My paternal grandfather's mother was an ALDERMAN. The name is most common in Buckinghamshire, but my own branch come from Somerset.
Map-Shepstone My paternal grandmother's mother was a SHEPSTONE. The name originated in North-West Somerset and migrated to Bristol and hardly anywhere else.
Map-Coggins My maternal grandfather's mother was a COGGINS. The name probably originated in Ireland and has spread in pockets throughout the country. My own branch comes from the outskirts of Bristol.
Map-Pain My maternal grandmother's mother was a PAIN/PAYNE. The name and its many spelling variations is very common throughout southern England. My own branch comes from the North Somerset coalfields.
Map-Wilkins WILKINS ia a surname on my father's side. It is common all over southern England and the Midlands. My own Wilkins was born in Devon, but migrated to Bristol.
Map-Ham HAM is another surname on my father's side. The main branch comes the South West of England, and I believe that my own branch comes from North Somerset.
Map-Withers WITHER/WITHERS ia a surname on my paternal grandmother's branch. It seems to have multiple branches, my own coming from Gloucestershire.
Map-Withers This shows the distribution of WITHER and WITHERS in Gloucestershire, at poor-law union level.
Map-Burge BURGE is another surname on my paternal grandmother's branch. It is most common in Somerset, which is where my own branch comes from.
Map-Cavill CAVILL is a surname on my mother's side. Of the two obvious branches, my own comes from North Somerset.
Map-Algerl ALGER is another surname on my mother's side. Although the majority come from East Anglia, my own comes from Devon.
Map-Funnerl FUNNER is another surname on my mother's side. It was a very rare surname. In my own tree, two Funner sisters married into the Pain family in North Somerset. The surname now seems to be extinct in Britain.

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