Jeff Knaggs - Genealogy - the FLOWER Family

Data is from one of my distant relatives, Nelson PAIN of Timsbury, Somerset.
Ann FLOWER was my mother's mother's mother's father's mother.
She was born 1782 in Somerset.
She married Joseph PAIN on the 12th August 1799 in Midsomer Norton, Somerset.
She died 6th March 1844, in Timsbury, and was buried on the 12th March.



George PAIN baptised 17th August 1800, Midsomer Norton; buried 1st September 1811, Midsomer Norton
James PAIN baptised 2nd January 1803, Midsomer Norton; buried 16th December 1821, Timsbury
Joseph PAIN
Elijah PAIN baptised 5th April 1807, Midsomer Norton; married Hester EVANS, 24th December 1827, Timsbury; died 27th July 1891, Midsomer Norton; miner (pauper in 1871); children Eliza and Isaac
Jacob PAIN baptised 1st October 1809, Midsomer Norton; married Mary TUNNER (FUNNER ?) 28th January 1828 in Timsbury; died 15th August 1875, Timsbury and buried in the churchyard 20th August; no children
Isaac PAIN baptised 1st October 1809, Midsomer Norton; buried 23rd March 1823, Timsbury
Eliza PAIN baptised 12th July 1812, Midsomer Norton
George PAIN baptised 27th November 1814, Timsbury; married Abigail GOADE, 3rd November 1833, Timsbury; buried 11th December 1861, Timsbury; 7 children
Worthy PAIN / PAYNE baptised 13th May, 1817, Timsbury; buried 19th September 1822, Timsbury
Elihee PAIN / PAYNE baptised 17th May 1817, Timsbury; buried 5th February 1822, Timsbury
Louisa PAIN baptised 17th June 1820, Timsbury; buried 12th February, Timsbury
Martha PAIN born about 1821, Timsbury; married John TAYLOR, 10th November 1842 in Bath
Worthy PAIN / PAYNE baptised 22nd June 1823, Timsbury; married Sarah Cook TYTE, 13th August 1846, Timsbury; died 14th March 1877; 7 children