Death Notices in Yorkshire Newspapers

To find a person in this index, click on the corresponding letter - then scroll down the list of deaths. Use your "Back" button to return here. A description of the index, and my project strategy, follows the table of newspapers.


After the latest update, on 30 November 2012, total records were approximately 19,000.

AWNArmley and Wortley News **4 Jan 190127 Dec 1901
BDABradford Daily Argus1 Jan 190131 Dec 1901
BFPBridlington Free Press4 Jan 190130 Dec 1904
BGEBrighouse Echo4 Jan 190110 May 1901
BICBingley Chronicle5 Jan 190125 May 1901
BNTBedale and Northallerton Times (Ripon)5 Jan 190131 Dec 1905
BRCBarnsley Chronicle5 Jan 19014 May 1901
BSNBoston Spa News4 Jan 190127 Dec 1901
BTNBatley News5 Jan 190113 Apr 1901
BVGBeverley Guardian5 Jan 190123 Feb 1902
CGCleckheaton Guardian4 Jan 190115 Feb 1901
CTChurch Times (guest paper)4 Jan 19014 Apr 1901
DGDoncaster Gazette4 Jan 190112 Apr 1901
DRDewsbury Reporter5 Jan 19014 May 1901
DTDriffield Times **5 Jan 190128 Dec 1901
EAEasingwold Advertiser5 Jan 190128 Dec 1901
EPYEvening Press (York)1 Jan 19014 Apr 1901
EWSEEckington, Woodhouse & Staveley Express4 Jan 19015 Apr 1901
GTGoole Times **1 Jan 190113 Sep 1901
HBTHebden Bridge Times4 Jan 19015 Apr 1901
HDEHuddersfield Daily Examiner1 Jan 190131 Dec 1901
HDMHull Daily Mail1 Jan 190131 Dec 1901
HFEHolmfirth Express5 Jan 19016 Apr 1901
HGAHarrogate Advertiser5 Jan 190128 Dec 1901
HWCHowdenshire Chronicle5 Jan 190128 Dec 1901
IFPIlkley Free Press4 Jan 190121 Jun 1901
KNKeighley News5 Jan 19016 Apr 1901
KPKnaresborough Post5 Jan 190128 Dec 1901
LCHLeeds Catholic Herald4 Jan 19015 Apr 1901
MMMalton Messenger5 Jan 190120 Feb 1904
MOMorley Observer5 Jan 190114 Jun 1901
MSTMexborough and Swinton Times4 Jan 190119 Jul 1901
NDMNorthern Daily Mail (Hartlepool, Co Durham)2 Jan 19012 Apr 1901
NEDGNorth Eastern Daily Gazette (Middlesbrough)1 Jan 19011 Apr 1901
OOOssett Observer5 Jan 190120 Apr 1901
PBNHPately Bridge and Nidderdale Herald5 Jan 190128 Dec 1901
PCEPontefract and Castleford Express5 Jan 190127 Apr 1901
PEPudsey Echo (early issues missing)3 Jan 190127 Dec 1901
PSHCPenistone, Stocksbridge, Hoyland
& Chapeltown Express
4 Jan 19013 May 1901
RTRothwell Times4 Jan 190127 Dec 1901
SCENScarborough Evening News1 Jan 190131 Dec 1902
SCThe Scotsman (guest paper)1 Jan 19012 Jan 1902
SDTSheffield Daily Telegraph1 Jan 190130 Mar 1901
SLGSlaithwaite Guardian4 Jan 190119 Apr 1901
SPEShipley Express & Airedale News4 Jan 190127 Dec 1901
TDNThirsk and District News5 Jan 190115 Feb 1902
WGWhitby Gazette7 Jan 18989 Feb 1912
WXWakefield Express5 Jan 19018 May 1901
XECHalifax Evening Courier1 Jan 190129 Jun 1901
YEPYorkshire Evening Post (Leeds)1 Jan 19013 Apr 1901
YPYorkshire Post (Leeds)1 Jan 190130 Mar 1901

The index lists the name of the deceased - date of death - age - place - Newspaper Code.

Where the date of death is ommitted, I include the publication date in brackets. Where there is a significant gap between death and publication, I have added the publication date in brackets.

Sometimes, the date of birth is given instead of an age. Where the age is ommitted, I have substituted (in brackets) the age from FreeBMD - when I could find it.

The place listed is normally the place where the death occured, but sometimes it is the home address. When just a street address is given, the town is most likely the one where the newspaper was published.

To find the newspaper(s) that any entry was published in, consult the above table, which is in code order. Where the place of publication is not part of the title, I have included it in brackets.

To see the full text of the entry (which can give many usefull details, but often gives no more detail than this index) you would need to see the original newspaper. Of course, since all transcriptions and indexes contain errors, the original should always be consulted if possible. They are available at the British Library Newspaper Library in Colindale, North London and at some libraries and archives throughout the North East - see Newsplan for details.

In the first phase of this project, I selected a range of newspapers covering the entire county. Some newspapers have a coverage that includes neighbouring counties, and some may be "guests" from outside the county. I started with newspapers published in the first three months of 1901. This therefore lists people who had died just before the 1901 census. In the second phase of the project, I am slowly extending the date range forward and back, selecting the most useful newspapers first. I am currently working on newspapers of the North Riding. This is an open-ended project that will continue, quite slowly, over the coming years. If you have any special requests, feel free to ask me.
As this is all my own, unchecked, work there are inevitably errors and mistranscriptions. If you find any, please let me know.

** The following pairs of newspapers seem to have identical BMDs (at least in 1901) - so only the first has been scanned.
Armley and Wortley Times, and Laisterdike and Bowling News.
Driffield Times, and Filey Post.
Goole Times, and Howdenshire Gazette.

** In the Wakefield Express, many of the dates seem to be burials rather than deaths.

If you have ready access to any Yorkshire Newspapers, and would like to contribute to this project, then please get in touch (my email address is on my home page).