On Friday 4th September 2015 I caught the bus to Weston (free bus pass) in order to see Banksy's take on a Disneyland-style theme park.
Here are a few random photos.

You have to go through the small ordeal of a so-called security check. We had a little fun deciding if Polo mints were drugs. Then you enter the innards of what I can just-about remember as an open-air, seawater swimming pool.
The souvenir programme costs real, actual money.
The walls are mostly covered with "art".
There are a number of enclosed rooms around the edge of the old pool. In the first room there is a collection of more traditional art (pictures hung on the wall) and some "installations" in the middle.
Baby in vending machine.

by Dietrich Wegner
Recycled art.

by Caroline McCarthy
I'm not sure what it is all about, but I quite like it.

by Josh Keyes
As above.
There is a nice kinetic art installation here. The elements of a smily face tumble about. I could have watched it for hours. Short video here. It is called "Here for a Good Time Not a Long Time" and is by James Joyce (not the famous one).
The beachball is supported on a column of air.
More "traditionl" art, Disney related (Did I tell you that all the staff wear Mickey Mouse ears). Sorry about the framing (in this and other photos) - I got jostled.

by Jeff Gillette
As above.
As above.
This is a sort of meta-swimming pool I suppose.
Playing on the sands. (The tide was out by the way (in the real world) so there was the great expanse of mud that I remember from childhood.)
Nuclear mushroom cloud cum treehouse.

by Dietrich Wegner
About to be engulfed by a "great wave".

by Banksy
Mice with ears grown on their backs (You've probably seen the original). They seem happy enough.
Back to ironic pictures hung on the wall.

by Lee Madgwick
Mother and child(ren).
More irony.

by Jani Leinonen
And so on.

by Maskull Lasserre
Add your own caption (Why should I do all the work?).
Back outside there were several queues. I just tagged on the end of them.

"Big Rig Jig" is by Mike Ross
Back in another room.

by Ronit Baranga
A unicorn in formaldehyde. You know who it's by. Baa humbug.
Back outside. Here is Mr B up to his tricks.
A fairytale castle!

by Block9

The mermaid is by Banksy
The queue for the "Museum of Cruel Objects" was an hour and a half long, so I gave it a miss.
This is the "astronauts' caravan". It rotates back and forth on its axis. I paid my 2 extra and had a go. You get secured inside and, of course, the caravan rotates about you. But it is a very strange feeling - well worth the money.

by Tim Hunkin and Andy Plant
Hook the little ducks out of the oil! I didn't bother.
A political statement (good luck with that).
More irony - a children's slide.
Cinderella crashes to her death. Luckily the paparazzi are on hand.

by Banksy
More political statements.

by Nana Neyestani
Yours truly using the selfie-hole. Yes, I know my beard needs trimming. It's on the calendar for next week.